A Quick Guide to Christian Camps in New Zealand


Many kids camps in New Zealand are specifically designed for children aged 8-12 years. These camps are located throughout New Zealand including Wellington and the Kapiti Coast. The camps are manned by qualified personnel who have undergone a vigorous screening exercise thus ensuring the kids safety.

New Zealand kids camps often include a five day camping experience which aims to give children the opportunity to participate in fun activities and also gain spiritual nourishment. Activities include, but are not limited to, kayaking, rock climbing and flying fox, among others.

The camps are usually organised during the first or second week of the summer holidays and are often sponsored by welfare organisations like OSCAR and ChildSafe. Most of the kids are normally referred to the camps by welfare organisations or by psychologists. The camps are safe and have therapeutic effects on the kids apart from improving their self-esteem, trust and general well-being.

These camps hold daily bible teachings which are aimed at having a lasting effect on the children’s lives. Guest speakers normally guide the children through the different aspects of Christian life and the love of God.

One such camp is the Carey Park Christian camp which is located at the foot of the Waiketere ranges a few kilometres from central Auckland. But perhaps the most notable Christian camp in New Zealand is El Rancho. The El Rancho kids camp aims to provide outdoor activities and camping fun for families and kids. Here kids experience the love and changing power of God.

It offers an action packed holiday camp in Waikanae with a total emphasis on the safety and happiness of the kids. It is much more than a normal kids camp considering the biblical teachings that are life changing for the kids. They also offer other services like conferences, holiday and family reunions, retreats and much more. But most importantly, they are perfectly suited for school camp events. Among other features are the group tours, the holiday park, which is a safe Christian camp full of family activities, and the spring camp which is suitable for kids of ages 8-12 years.

Most customers usually search online for kids camps or Christian camps New Zealand to find the best holiday retreats for their kids or families which are fun, safe and life-changing. They are searching for the best places where their children will be helped to build up their character and spirituality in a safe, secure environment which is full of fun.

The information they seek usually includes the various outdoor activities on offer and how they can positively influence their kids. They also wish to know how the family is incorporated into these programs and which part to play in these activities. El Rancho ticks all these boxes, so if you want to find a kids camp in New Zealand that offers the best outdoor camping activities and supports Christian values then visit www.elrancho.co.nz for more details!


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