Fun Activities for Children Over The School Holidays


School break is a great time for kids to relax from their normal activities and try something new. While it’s important not to stuff their every minute with fun and exciting activities, it’s also a good idea to plan and schedule some things for your kids to do over the holiday break. Here you’ll find a few good ideas about what to plan this holiday for your kids to do during the break.

1. Camps 

Kids camps are great fun for your children and can be wonderful learning experiences. There are camps of all kinds available during the holidays to help your kids learn new skills, get outdoors, and have new experiences that they may never normally get. You can choose between various different organisational camps, certain skills camps, Christian camps, and many other types of holiday camps in the Wellington area of New Zealand.

Camps are beneficial not just because your kids will learn new skills and have fun, but also because they teach valuable social skills like teamwork, communication and how to get along with others. Who knows, the friends your children meet at camp could become lifelong friends!

2. Free play

Sometimes what kids need more than anything is the chance to be bored and to figure out how to get rid of that boredom for themselves. If you’re the one constantly relieving them of their boredom, they will have difficulty doing it for themselves when they are older and outside of your constant care. Help your kids to gain some independence and learn creativity by allowing them plenty of free play time during the school holidays if possible.

3. Part-time volunteering or work 

If your kids are old enough, they can be signed up to help with volunteer projects going on in the area or they can even apply for a part-time job of some sort to keep them busy, teach them about being responsible and give them a greater sense of pride. Make sure it’s only part-time so that they get the chance to do other more enjoyable things over the holidays as well!

4. Holiday learning

Although school camps might not be a very popular option for the kids themselves, they can be important for maintaining learning during the school holidays. All the knowledge that was gained throughout the school year can be lost over the free relaxation time during the holidays, so to keep your children more engaged in their studies and to keep them from getting behind you can sign them up for some sort of learning classes over the holiday break.

Without school to keep them busy over the holidays, kids need other plans made to occupy them during this time. Many parents like to send their kids to camps as a way to promote their development into a more complete person with a rounded set of social and academic skills.

El Rancho offers a variety of kids camps at the beautiful beach location of Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. You can sign up for different types of camps such as school camps, Christian camps, and many other holiday camps that your children are sure to enjoy! Call today or visit their website at to see what is on these holidays!


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