5 Reasons Your Children Should Go Camping This Summer


Many adults believe kids in New Zealand and around the world are spending too much time with their phones and computers. Parents worry their children are missing out on outdoor activities and spiritual values. One way to break this cycle is to send your son or daughter to a Christian camp.

Here are the 5 top reasons your child should go camping this summer.

1. Learn to Appreciate Nature.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is no better place to learn to appreciate, respect and love God’s creations than the Kapiti Coast and along the Waikanae river. The more time children spend outdoors, the healthier and more well-rounded they become.

2. Camping is Easy on the Budget.

Hotels, airfares and theme parks can put a huge dent in anyone’s wallet. How much fun a kid has and how much he or she learns isn’t based upon how much is spent.

3. Teach Your Child About the Goodness of God and Other People

Camping provides an ideal opportunity to develop a relationship with God. It’s impossible not be be in awe of the magnificence of the world and New Zealand’s unique and fascinating creatures. Campers experience a rare camaraderie with fellow campers, people that they would never meet otherwise. Friendships can be formed that will continue long after the camper returns home.

4. Kids Learn New Skills

One of the best things about camping is kids learning new skills. El Rancho offers go karting, kayaking, horse riding and much more. They will remember these experiences for the rest of their lives.

5. Kids Learn an Appreciation for the Small Things

Most days consist of the small things of life. Kids appreciate the companionship of others while sitting before a campfire after a busy day. Simple meals outdoors taste better than anything from a fine restaurant. Succeeding at something new brings a huge smile to any kid’s face.

At El Rancho Kids Camps, our staff weaves the love of God and Biblical principles throughout the camping experience. Your kid aged 8-12 will have a lot of fun while learning lasting life lessons in a safe accommodation in Waikanae. To learn more about our Christian camp in NZ, visit our website www.elrancho.co.nz or call + 64 4 902 6287.


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